How To Grab Your Audience's Attention From The Start & Improve Engagement

As a presenter or public speaker, the first minute of your remarks is the most important.  It’s the time to grab your audience’s attention, establish credibility, and let them know what to expect. Your introduction is one of the most critical elements of your talk and it can literally make or break your presentation.  Experienced […]
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What are 3 Top Benefits of Improving Coaching Skills For Managers?

Looking back on your career, which boss stands out as the most helpful?  Was it the one who was quick to criticize and put you in your place?  Was it an intellectual bully? Or, was it the one who asked you important questions and mentored you to success?  Chances are it was the latter, assuming […]
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Why is Resilience So Popular Now?

Do you ever notice there’s a run on avocados?  Or that every restaurant you visit has guacamole on their menu?  Sometimes life’s like that; a new topic comes along and everyone’s asking for it.  For us that avocado is Resilience Training!  Of late, the phone rings frequently and email inquiries arrive daily asking “how can […]
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Can Sales Teams Improve Their Presentation Skills & Product Pitch?

Does your company have a sales team?  Do they ever struggle to meet their goals?  Want to know a sure fire way to get them engaged and more effective?  Consider a refresher of Powerful Sales Presentations Skills.  While its true that many good sales professionals have taken a presentation training course at some time in […]
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Is an Interactive Keynote Right For You?

This past week has brought a flurry of interest in Interactive keynotes on topics from Resilience to Leadership to Negotiations.  What’s an Interactive Keynote you might ask?  How does it differ from more traditional training sessions?  Is it a lecture or lengthy speech?  These are all great questions that bear exploration.  Over the past decade […]
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How To Present to Executive Audiences

Are you expected to give updates and presentations to your Executive Team?  Do you ever feel disappointed with their reaction to your presentation? Want to know how to get a better response and feel good about your presentation experience?  Remember these three simple tips to boost your success when your audience is made up of […]
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What makes for Management Success?

Have you ever worked for a really great manager? What made them a favorite for you? Was it their command of basic management skills, their leadership traits, or their ability to coach you to success?  If you ask our customers you will find that management success is a combination of all three of those elements.  […]
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Advantages of Presentation Coaching

Have you ever been asked to do an important presentation and felt a distinctive discomfort in the pit of your stomach? Do you get a case of the nerves, or find yourself wanting to take a day off sick?  Most of us don’t warm to the idea of public speaking naturally and as a result […]
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When Resilience Training Helps

Is your organization going through change? Have you recently merged, downsized or adopted a new vision? These are times when organizations, both large and small, do well to consider a booster shot of resilience for their employees. Recently, we have been approached by all types of organizations who want to help employees and leaders alike […]
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Advance Your Presentation Skills with Questions

When you think of delivering a presentation, you might think it’s all one-way with you as the lecturer sharing key facts and graphs, while the audience listens intently. Actually, you couldn’t be much further from the truth, especially if you want to be an engaging presenter. When you watch a powerful presenter they have a […]
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