What makes for Management Success?

Have you ever worked for a really great manager? What made them a favorite for you? Was it their command of basic management skills, their leadership traits, or their ability to coach you to success?  If you ask our customers you will find that management success is a combination of all three of those elements.  […]
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Advantages of Presentation Coaching

Have you ever been asked to do an important presentation and felt a distinctive discomfort in the pit of your stomach? Do you get a case of the nerves, or find yourself wanting to take a day off sick?  Most of us don’t warm to the idea of public speaking naturally and as a result […]
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When Resilience Training Helps

Is your organization going through change? Have you recently merged, downsized or adopted a new vision? These are times when organizations, both large and small, do well to consider a booster shot of resilience for their employees. Recently, we have been approached by all types of organizations who want to help employees and leaders alike […]
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Advance Your Presentation Skills with Questions

When you think of delivering a presentation, you might think it’s all one-way with you as the lecturer sharing key facts and graphs, while the audience listens intently. Actually, you couldn’t be much further from the truth, especially if you want to be an engaging presenter. When you watch a powerful presenter they have a […]
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Better Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a skill that everyone uses in their lives.  It is used in the workplace as well as in our personal lives.  Whether we are aware of it or not, most of us spend a significant amount of time negotiating various issues.  That’s why it is so important to have strong negotiation skills.  Being […]
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How To Customize Management Training

Would you agree that every management team is unique? When you think of your organizational challenges will a one-size-fits-all solution work for you? Chances are that your management group is made up of unique people with interesting facets and opportunities. So why go for an off-the-shelf management training program? This is the question that faces […]
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Boost Your Projection for Impact

Why Should You Boost Your Projection? This aspect of voice is by far the most important as it correlates to your audience’s ability to hear your remarks. Even the most intelligent presenter can not have their desired impact if the people in the room can not hear their key points. With projection, everyone can hear […]
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Why is the Title Important?

What’s in a title? Attraction! Interest! Engagement! You have a fairly vast subject to present. And everything leads to everything. At our presentation training events, you begin to understand that you old method of approaching presentations, data dumping, is death to the audience. Your audience is like all humans these days; busier than busy. “Why […]
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Handling Tough Q&A as a Presenter

Do you feel confident about your upcoming presentation but worry about responding to tough questions or comments from your audience? Our Presentation training programs address strong behavior styles and how to handle them with ease. A dominant “Doer” may not exactly heckle, but they can ask some very tough questions or make statements that may […]
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Boost your Creativity as a Manager

We all get into ruts. You probably do too. The human brain likes to use already established pathways of thought and feeling; it’s simply easier for it. But habitual leadership is not really inspiring at all. The management training programs we offer explore creativity and its positive impact on managing people.   But what does […]
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