What does FM Radio have to do with Presentation Skills Training?

Have you ever listened to a great FM radio station?  One that played your favorite songs over and over again?   Did you notice that it’s hard to change the dial when you’ve gotten used to a favorite station?  Right, but "What does an FM radio station have to do with Presentation Skills Training?" you might be asking.  Well if you think about it, every time you present an idea, product or service to an audience they’re tuned into their own FM station.  The call numbers for their station go by the old standard WIIFM or "What’s in it for me?"  In other words, your audience is listening to your presentation to learn how your product will make their life better, so you really need to focus on their WIIFM.

How can you leverage your knowledge of WIIFM in your next presentation?  This is the key question that you should ask yourself before, during and after every presentation you give.  By focusing on key benefits to your audience you can you connect the dots between their needs and the advantages they seek.  There are three key areas to consider as you look for benefits to share when you are giving a presentation:  time, money and quality.  A good presentation skills training session assists you in exploring all three categories of benefits. 

Let’s look at time.  When you give your next presentation, make sure you focus on how your product will save the audience time, make them time, or increase their efficiency.  Time is an asset to most people and if you can skew your presentation to focus on the convenience, efficiency or productivity angle it will typically appeal more strongly to an audience. 

Now let’s consider money.  Most people find money to be a great benefit whether it’s saving money, making money, or increasing profits. When you are giving a presentation about your product or service, make sure that you highlight how your audience benefits from a monetary perspective.  Why?  Because it’s an important response to their questions "What’s in it for me?".  Now that you’ve considered time and money, make sure to include remarks on quality in your presentation. 

How does quality, or quality of life, form a benefit?  Well most of us like to enjoy a good standard of life whether its at home or at work, via improved satisfaction or improved morale.  For others, they measure benefits via the quality of the actual produce itself.  When you are giving a presentation about your product focus on how your widget ranks over other widgets through higher quality production, distribution and after-sales service. 

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